Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Best T-shirt

First I must admit that I am a fan of Abba, much to the distress of my husband who teases me mercilessly. Kind of like when he caught me reading a bumpy cover novel or what he calls bodice rippers, but I digress.  

Well David was attending a book signing of Dirty Donny who has a new book out called Monster Revolt.  Donny style is really heavy metal and he has done extensive artwork for Metalica.  David noticed this t-shirt and asked Donny what Abba was thinking it was an acronym for something.
Nope Donny's a fan.

So David gets some serious credit for buying me this shirt as he really hates Abba.  But I guess the irony of the design and the band was irresistible.

First time I wore it, a checker at Trader Joe's (who was obviously a metal head) complimented me on it.  He looked baffled when I told him it referred to the band