Thursday, April 29, 2010

Try something new

Since wool season is almost over I thought I'd try something new. I've always wanted to try origami so today I took a stab.

I went online and found all these technical diagrams, with terms like valley folds and mountain folds. I have to admit I was intimidated. I am slightly dyslexic so things like diagrams pose a unique challenge for me. I cannot use a chart to knit and have resorted to retyping entire charts into words. My husband jokes that I'd make a great computer programmer because I spend so much time recoding.

So after a few failed and frustrating attempts I found this video showing how to make a star box. I tried it out with some cardstock and it came out pretty well I think.

I've been having a bit of a creative block and this just got the creative juices flowing. So when you are stuck creatively, try something new new craft new medium new color whatever. Kind of obvious I know, but it works.

Friday, April 23, 2010

In a Pickle

Well this lovely print from Simoneshin says it all for me. I admit to being a pickle fanatic. When I was a child, my cousin and I would squabble over who got to drink the pickle juice. So I wanted to share these Pickle finds on etsy.

This lovely photo is from JessicaRoseArt. I just love the translucency of the pickle here. It's just screaming for a burger.

This pillow from 4hands is just too cute. Although my good friend Joy who hates pickles (what is wrong with her) might not sit on the couch if this was gracing it. LOL.

This cell phone charm by jitterbugbark would definitely be a conversation piece. I guess you might have to find the Vlasic crunch sound for your ringtone.

I envision this super cute collar by CaliforniaCollars gracing the neck of a Dachshund named (you guessed it Pickles).

And last but not least are these super fun soaps by LoveLeeSoaps. Not only do they come packaged in this great bag, they actually smell like cukes. What could be better?

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Crucible in Oakland

I went to the open house at the Crucible in Oakland on Saturday. For those who are not familiar with the Crucible, it is an organization of artists who deal in one form or another with fire. They have a huge building with lots of studios dedicated to different arts, where they also offer classes. They have everything from glass blowing, welding, neon, ceramics to fire dancing.

So Saturday they threw open their doors and let folks walk around ask questions and generally watch them do their stuff. First off I'll say that I always wanted to blow glass so I was particularly drawn to that. But some of the other fascinating things I learned about were making neon sculptures, glass etching and forging.

They also had fire eating and fire dancing performances. Apparently once a year they put on what they call a fire ballet. Amazing!

I'm saving my pennies so perhaps I can take a glass blowing class.

Sorry for the blurry pics of the firedancers. It's really hard to capture.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mmmmm Mmmm not

Just had to share this. It is wrong in so many ways that I struggle to begin. Putting aside the fact of what it is. Did they really need to call it assholes? Can't someone come up with a euphemism like Rocky Mt. Oysters or something.

And what's with the Manhattan style. Well you know them there Yankee fans have just a particular way that they like their fish assholes.

And well you know, if fresh Manhattan fish assholes are a bit questionable what about canned? Not to mention the can looks a bit worse for wear.

Well being not much of a fish eater anyway, I'm struggling to think of a can of anything else I'd less like to open.

Well all you crazy New Yorkers enjoy your fish assholes!