Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stay home if you're sick

Gonna have me a little rant here. Please bear with me.

So as we enter the Christmas holiday, those of us who sell items know that this is kind of the Superbowl. Gotta have your A game going and all.

Well yesterday at the vet, I was helped by this lady who was very obviously sick. Sniffling sneezing etc. She processed my credit card and got my pooch prescription filled. I wanted nothing to do with her (well she was nice enough) but I had to pay and Mr. dog needed his meds. When I got home I immediately washed my hand.

Unfortunately today I started sneezing and coughing. Sure enough I have a cold at the worst time ever. I guess there is a slight possibility that I'm allergic to my new wool delivery that arrived today but I think not.

Here's the rant. If you are sick, please please please stay home. If you have to go out be considerate of the rest of us. I know you are miserable but that doesn't mean I have to be too. And those of us who aren't sick should remember WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY!! A trick I heard is to sing the alphabet song while washing. That's the amount of time you should be scrubbing.

Anyway rant over. Got dayquil on board and still working. Off to knit.


  1. Some employers are not enlightened enough to tell people to stay home if they're sick. They just want the person there doing the job.

  2. Sad, but like tamar said, it's true. I had a coworker call out from work because she had a fever and they asked if she could at least come in for a few hours. WHAT!? I was appalled. Not only does she probably feel horrible but if there's a fever you KNOW they're contagious. But, that aside, I agree with you. Stay home sickos!

  3. I had a job that had a fit because I stayed home after spending the whole night in the ER from anaphylactic shock as a result from a bee sting while at work! They didn't care and MOST employers don't care if you are sick. They just want you there. When my kidling was little & had contagious stuff, my bosses made me bring her with me to work so I wouldn't miss. I told her to sit at boss's desk and to touch everything!