Friday, May 28, 2010


I just had a weird moment.

As I was walking into Trader Joes this somewhat strung out looking dude asked me for money for food.  I was annoyed and stressed and ready to blow him off, but I stopped and asked him if I could buy him a sandwich.  He hesitated for a moment like he was going to blow me off then said yes.  I asked him what kind of sandwich he liked and he seemed amazed that I would ask.  He asked for salame sandwich and chips.

I got him a whole package of salame, a loaf of bread, a big bag of chips and I even threw in some cliff bars and a chocolate bar, so he could eat a couple meals. When I handed him the bag of goodies he had a big grin on his face and dashed off away from Trader Joes.

It felt good and it reminded me of my prejudice in assuming he just wanted drugs and wasn't hungry  (maybe he did want drugs I don't know) but today he was getting food. It also reminded me how rare the kindness of others must be to him.

And in the end as I took home the makings of Coq au Vin worrying about signing papers on my first home.  I realized how blessed I was.  Although he might have benefitted, the gift was to me.


  1. What a great story!! you definitely made the guys day!!

  2. Very touching. You made his day, I am sure. And he won't forget you for a long time!

  3. Small moments like this touch a persons heart forever...

  4. Sounds like a rewarding interaction!

  5. I have done the same kind deed and it feels fantastic!!! You are awesome!