Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The compost bin to withstand the apocolypse

This past weekend was gorgeous here in N. Cal.  We took a look around the yard thinking about where to put the veggies and realized we were going to need a boatload of dirt.  We decided we needed a compost  in order to satisfy our longterm need for dirt.

First problem was where.  We have raccoons in our yard so we didn't want it too close to the house.  Unfortunately, the perfect place for the compost required moving 2 trees.  "No problem" says David "I'll move those trees and after lunch we'll make the bin."

Well after a half day of digging up a ficus and a palm it became apparent that this project was not going to be done in one day.  Although we did find some neat bugs and salamanders on Saturday we didn't even start the bin.

Sunday David and I (mostly David) got started on the building.  Not being the most competent of carpenters it took us longer than expected.  By 7 on Sunday night I had to yell down to tell David I was gonna have 911 on speed dial if he didn't stop using the circular saw in the dark.

Well Monday we had to work but David came home early and ITS FINISHED.

Wait how long do we have to wait for our dirt?


  1. Yay! A great accomplishment for you guys and cool critters found to boot! You must keep us updated now on how the composting comes along, what you add to it, etc. We want to be green too!

  2. Going green looks like fun, and hard work. Our planets reaps all the benfites of the greenies!