Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hudson Valley Wool Delivery

Ok Welcome to the world of blogs. Who ever thought I'd be blogging. My husband still has to remind me that there are preset numbers in my cell phone.

Well I finally have my etsy shop up and running. I'm trying to add a new item every day.

And most exciting my wool shipment arived today. I still had to run to Gingko to drop off a letter but I was just salivating to start playing.

Since I have only knit but not felted this wool I started on the dreaded swatches. They came out ...unexpectedly. I thought they would be thicker. They almost look like mohair. You can actually see through them after 2 full cycles in the washing machine. I realize some of my standard patterns for Etsy will not work with this. Oh Well, I've learned that necessity is the mother of invention. Sometimes the biggest snafu turns out to be the coolest thing you ever made.

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