Saturday, September 26, 2009

What tools do I use

Ok so I was forced to organize my (our) office when my husband couldn't find a place to sit down. To that end I recycled an old shoe holder for my small gadgets. After filling it up I had to chuckle. What a bizarre collection of things I use. I'm not sure someone would know what I do by what's in there.

See if you can identify what these things are.


  1. I see a lint shaver, hair curlers, sunglasses, some sort of nuts??? maybe...

    I am going to guess what you do and I have never seen your shop...

    Do you make dolls?

    lol I could totally be wrong!

    Going to see what you make now!!

  2. I think shoe holders make great Junk organizers. Sweater holders are great for fabric too...but I have never really used a shoe holder for shoes for very long.

  3. this is a great idea! I would never know what you do by what I see in the organizer but again I already know :) I love the crazy things we use to make our items!