Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh a few new things in progress

The New York Times Sunday section had a half page dedicated to critter hats. Yay I knew it. I'm not the only one. Alas, although I'm still working on a few (including this pig hat in progress), I'm thinking in August these won't be so popular (except here in San Francisco when you need one in August more than January).

So I've started working on a few purse designs. These are still being hammered out. The colorblock design was an attempt to use up some leftover yarn for R & D. I like it generally but I've been struggling to find ways to reinforce the handles. Felt tends to stretch. I've sewn on some thicker fabric on the inside so that it won't sag. Not 100 % satisfied but R & D continues.

The snail purse is a different shape and is inspired by the things I love about my favorite purse. It's designed to be worn bike messenger style across the chest resting on the hip. I think the flap makes it more difficult to pick pocket. The snail was an attempt to find beauty in the things I hate. (The snails are eating my Myer Lemon tree urgh)


  1. Very cute. Love everything, especially the piggy hat. I hate wearing hats, but really want to start because of your adorable ones.

  2. Very nice new hat! And I'm sure your purses will become perfection!

  3. love the snail purse!! I'm all about the messenger style!!