Monday, November 14, 2011

Craft Fair Display

Last year being my first doing fairs, I didn't put much thought into my display.  I grabbed some cubes at my local recyclery to hang scarves off of and placed a bunch of plate display holders on my table to show my purses.  That didn't turn out so well.  The cubes basically blocked my line of vision to customers.  I had a crook in my neck from trying to peer around the dang thing.  The plate displays tipped over so many times so as to be useless.

This year I was determined to get it right.  I did some research to see other craft displays.  Etsy's blog had some decent general information about varying height etc. Unfortunately, I sell felted items which, while not heavy, are bulky so the table top cutesy vintage thingys which may be fine for earrings were never going to work for me.  I pored over the flickr show me your booth group and it came to me.

I decided upon a clothes line between two hat racks.  I didn't have hat racks so no problem I figured I'd build them out of 2 posts and a number of 1/2 inch dowels.  I basically just used a 1/2 inch paddle bit to drill holes for the dowels.  The nice thing is the dowels come out so I don't have to transport these as monster sculptures.  If I did this again, I'd only drill the holes perpendicular as getting the angles the same on the others was a pain.

Once I had the coat rack part set, I had to figure out how to secure them sufficiently to support a clothesline.  I was a bit stumped and wandered around Ace Hardware looking for a way to clamp the pole to my table. Let me tell you some of those clamps are very expensive.  I finally decided to use 2 christmas tree stands, which I filled with rocks.  For extra support I used bungee cords to secure the poles to the table.

Et voila.


  1. Hello Fiber puppy!

    I saw your post on Twitter and came over to see how you enjoyed the craft fair. The pole sure was ingenious!

    I wouldn't mind trying a clothesline to pin embroidery to :P

  2. looks awesome...all those cute little faces hanging on the line make me smile!!!

  3. I LOVE your display!! It looks so good!

  4. Thank you for this awesome suggestion! It will be perfect for my upcoming craft fair :)