Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mmmmm Mmmm not

Just had to share this. It is wrong in so many ways that I struggle to begin. Putting aside the fact of what it is. Did they really need to call it assholes? Can't someone come up with a euphemism like Rocky Mt. Oysters or something.

And what's with the Manhattan style. Well you know them there Yankee fans have just a particular way that they like their fish assholes.

And well you know, if fresh Manhattan fish assholes are a bit questionable what about canned? Not to mention the can looks a bit worse for wear.

Well being not much of a fish eater anyway, I'm struggling to think of a can of anything else I'd less like to open.

Well all you crazy New Yorkers enjoy your fish assholes!


  1. say fish assholes 3 times fast, lol

    Just when I think I've seen everything....thanks for the laugh!

  2. ewwwwwww I do wonder what it looks like if they open the can??

  3. Who has the time to come up with these things? Pretty funny.

  4. Wouldn't they have to kill a lot of fish to get a 14 ounce can of their assholes?