Monday, November 16, 2009


I was having one of those days where nothing really works out. My calculations on a purse were off and when I took the item out of the washer it resembled a wine bottle cozy. I had no inspiration to go back and re-knit it.

So I took out a felted black scarf to work on that instead. I've been trying to come up with men's items somewhat unsuccessfully. Everything is just a little to feminine. I decided I would try my hand at a jolly roger. I mean even grown up boys want to be pirates deep down inside. And hey even my husband would wear black.

So here it is. The white felt I cut the skull out of is a bit tricky. If I do another, I may have to knit up thinner wool.

I guess it goes to show that sometimes the best inspiration comes when give up and try something new.


  1. Sometimes I just have to put something down and work on something else. When I go back to it later, it works out!

  2. That looks great! I think that it would appeal to women too. I know I would wear it!