Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chaos and Mini crisis averted

Had a small crisis today that worked itself out. I had pre-made some replacement cat hats so I could relist if they sold. Well sure enough they did and then one of the relisted ones sold.

So in the midst of my busy weekend, my husband decides to be "helpful" and redo my entire office for more storage. (I'm sure its because my sweat shop migrates to the living room often). Anyway we certainly tore the house apart but never quite got it back together as of this morning.

In any case, I'm putting together shipments and I cannot find one of the gray cat hats. I thought I looked everywhere, but at this point the entire house is in chaos. I'm freaking out here (already stressed can't plug computer in etc) . So I decide I'll make another one and I'm off to Joann for more yarn. Well Joann doesn't have the color. Neither does Michaels or my other local yarn store.

Well now I'm in panic mode. I figure I'll eat the cost and get some fedexed. Still couldn't find the darn yarn online. At this point, I start piecing together the very end of balls of yarn in the correct color. Not the same dye lot and still not enough but I'm thinking I'll just lightly felt it then stretch it a bit.

As I'm putting the hat into the washing machine, my husband walks in toting said missing cat hat. Apparently in all the chaos it had fallen on the floor.


Anyway needless to say if I find that darn yarn I'm buying a boatload.

But the hat I made I think I will donate. I am so grateful to have found the original and realized I could have such worse things to worry about.

I just joined an etsy team called host that helps folks in need. They have a store to generate money and people can post things they need (like presents for christmas ). Well I think someone is getting a gray cat hat for Christmas.

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  1. Well at least now you have a hat all ready to donate! :-P