Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Harold and Maude kind of afternoon.

You are either going to get the idea of this post or think I'm a total weirdo, but so be it.

Today we visited our local graveyard, not because we knew anyone there, but just because.

It's actually a really beautiful site with gorgeous views of the San Francisco Bay. I brought along my camera and thought I'd share some photos.

I took a couple pictures of old graves from the 20s that had photographs. The portraits are so stylized.

There were also a number of unique things that people had left as offerings. There was a huge pomello which struck me as odd. Well I guess I might like oreos left on my grave who knows. And a little boy's grave that had a toy car someone left.

We also played a game to choose the our favorite unique name. Believe it or not a cemetary is actually a good place to find unique names. And the winner is


  1. Zenith is a unique name! But so is my husbands. Zebulyn.(pronounced Zeb-you-lynn) But we call him Zeb. I'm with you about the cemetary being an interesting place. I've never specifically visited the main one here, but when my husband drives I'm always gawking at all the old headstones and reading the dates and names.

  2. We in fact have a friend named Zenith.

    Well, uh um...cementary is not the kind of place I would want to visit. I don't's just a creepy kindna thing for me... Lol.