Friday, November 27, 2009

Bags Glorious Bags

No Imelda Marcos am I. I do not collect shoes. (well that would be a fruitless venture as my size 11 huge feet preclude that) What I do collect is bags. It's definitely verging on obsession. I don't even always wear them, but I just gotta have them. And for me, I want a bag that no one else has so Gucci is out (even if I could afford it). I may not be able to buy all the bags I love, but I've collected a few in my favorites. So I thought I would share.

Picnic Tote by Avrilloreti. What a cool iconic picture. Love it.

Hobo Shoulder Bag by CreativeChics. I love the colors on this.

Tethy's interchangable wristlet and shoulderbag by FuchstBags. I love that it can be worn a number of ways.

Michelle Light Brown Soft Leather Handbag by Artoncrafts. Soo classy! I really want to touch this one. Yummy


  1. Great collection of purses. My obsession isn't purses but fabric. I have to have it even if I don't know what I'm going to make with it yet :) Thank you for including my hobo purse in your collection of highlights. Happy Holidays!!!

  2. Great collection! I love the Michelle Handbag by Artoncrafts!
    Thanks for adding my picnic table:)!

  3. Lovely bags collection! I guess we could never have enough bags uh? :) Thanks for including my Tethy's interchangable wristlet and shoulderbag.