Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Question of the Day

I wanted to start a weekly Question of the Day post.

So here's the first question.

What three items are always in your fridge?

Ok for me;

1. Ketchup always always always. We go to code red when we start to get low.

2. Pickles and usually more than one kind cornichons, dills, half sours we love them all.(are you sensing a hamburger theme here).

3. Sriracha hot sauce. This is mostly for my husband. Where I put ketchup he adds Sriracha.

I was going to say 4. mold. But really my husband is the ultimate fridge sniffer so that's not true. He's constantly asking me to smell stuff to see if its bad. I mean really if it smells bad why do I have to smell it? I guess he want's to share the pain.

Anyway, I'd love to hear anyone's answers to this. Please post below. You blog but have no idea who's reading. I think a fridge is a unique insight into a persons personality.


  1. Ha ha, I always have my hubby check out "smelly" stuff for me too (sharing the pain is exactly right). We always have eggs, milk and mozzarella. Weird, all three things are whitish. :)


  2. Gochujang, kimchi and garlic (No, I'm not Korean). Ketchup is verboten in my fridge! LOL!

  3. I would say, milk, eggs and water. Boring I know, but we eat lots of cereal and drink lots of milk, I LOVE to eat eggs and we drink lots of water. Aside from the fridge, our favorites to cook with are garlic and salt.